Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy Tab S6, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 are now available

Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy Tab S6, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 are now available

In the past, the A series of Samsung phones were usually carrier phones in the US. They never had unlocked phones for the masses. Luckily, they are looking to change this. The Samsung Galaxy A50 is now available unlocked. This, along with the Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and AKG N9700NC M2 headphones, are now available.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is now going to be available unlocked. The device is going up for pre-orders today at Best Buy and Amazon. Best Buy customers can get up to $150 off the phone with activation. Amazon customers don’t get a discount, they get a bundled Galaxy Fit. The Galaxy A20 and A10e will also be available unlocked. The Galaxy A50 unlocked will be available for $350, the A20 unlocked will be available for $250, and the A10e unlocked will be available for $180.

Next up, the Galaxy Tab S6. As of today, the Galaxy Tab S6 is now fully available in stores and online. It starts at $650 for the 128GB model. If you order by September 22nd, you will get a 50% discount on the Book Cover Keyboard, bringing the price down to $90.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has pre-orders opening today. The Watch Active 2 is very similar to the Galaxy Watch Active. The Active 2 has upgraded health sensors, a capacitive bezel, and has a speaker. It comes in an LTE and Bluetooth version. The Bluetooth is available in Aluminum for $280 for the 40mm and $300 for the 44mm. The watch will be available in both LTE (stainless steel) and Bluetooth (aluminum) on September 27th. If you order before the 26th you will get a free wireless charging battery pack.

galaxy watch active 2

Last but not least is the Samsung AKG N700NC M2 headphones. These “award-winning” headphones are now available in black. They can connect to two devices at once, support iOS and Android, have active noise canceling, and more. While I haven’t tested these before, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with AKG headphones in the past. They have 23 hours of battery life and come with a USB C charger.

These products are all pretty great. The phones are good value buys in the US, getting good specs for a great price. The Tab S6 is Samsung’s flagship tablet, and while Android tablets aren’t great, Samsung is still trying to push out tablets for the diehard fans. The Watch Active 2 is Samsung’s latest, and actually greatest, watch with the most up-to-date health features.

Are you planning to buy the Galaxy A50, Galaxy Tab S6, or Galaxy Watch Active 2?

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