Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and LG Velvet are both headed to Verizon

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and LG Velvet are both headed to Verizon

Back in April, Samsung announced the availability of the Galaxy A51 5G for the U.S. market. The original Galaxy A51 was a vast improvement over the original Galaxy A50 and A50s with upgrades such as a more modern Infinity-O display, quad cameras, a different design language, and more. The Galaxy A51 5G took it even further by bundling in a hot 2020 feature: 5G support. Likewise, the LG Velvet was also announced recently with a mid-range Snapdragon 765G processor for 5G-enabled markets. As it turns out, both devices might be coming to Verizon soon.

At the time of its announcement, Samsung did not disclose when the Galaxy A51 5G will go on sale, what carriers it will be available on, or what processor it will use. But there’s mounting evidence that it might come soon under the Verizon banner and with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified a Samsung phone with the model number SM-A516V, where SM-A516 is the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and the V stands for Verizon. Likewise, the NFC Forum has certified the same model number, SM-A516V.


Another certification filing we’ve spotted reveals that the commercial name of SM-A516V is, indeed, “Galaxy A51 5G.” Since the name doesn’t mention “Galaxy A51 5G UW”, it’s possible the A51 won’t support mmWave 5G on Verizon’s Ultrawide Band 5G network (but rather Verizon’s upcoming sub-6GHz 5G network). However, this is merely speculation and there’s no concrete evidence one way or another. Next, multiple Geekbench listings for “SM-A516V” suggest that the device is running on Qualcomm’s lito platform, where “lito” is the code-name for the Snapdragon 765/765G. XDA’s Max Weinbach verifies that the build numbers submitted with these Geekbench filings are legitimate, though we can’t 100% confirm that the benchmark listing themselves are actually real.

What we can corroborate, though, is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is coming to Verizon and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. We spotted a “samsung_a51xq” model being added to an internal Verizon listing, where “q” normally indicates a Qualcomm model. However, we can’t confirm if this is the Snapdragon 765/765G or not.

This internal Verizon listing also reveals a device code-named “caymanlm”, which is the code-name for the LG Velvet. This indicates that LG’s latest smartphone will also be coming to Verizon soon. Notably, another 5G Samsung device, the Galaxy A71 5G, is also coming to Verizon with the Snapdragon 765G, which seems to be the go-to choice for 5G mid-range phones this year. While the Snapdragon 690 was announced recently, no phone is using it just yet.

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