Samsung Galaxy A7 gets gesture controls that’s coming to the Galaxy S9/Note 9 in Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy A7 gets gesture controls that’s coming to the Galaxy S9/Note 9 in Android Pie

A while back Samsung did a complete rewrite of their Android software and renamed it from TouchWiz to Samsung Experience. This came after years of complaints of poor performance due to what was perceived as bloated software. Samsung loves to pack their OEM ROM with as many features as possible to outshine the competition and many believed this was the reason why TouchWiz had become so laggy. This has changed with Samsung Experience and a new feature they’ve been working on (gestures controls) could be coming to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 in the future.

The company’s most recent devices ship with Samsung Experience 9.5 and some of their older ones are being updated to this version as well. However, they are preparing a new version of Samsung Experience for the release of the upcoming Galaxy S10 and we’ve actually been testing early versions of it lately. We went hands-on with Samsung Experience 10 (which is based on Android Pie) on the Galaxy Note and then followed that up by showing you how to install this early build on the phone.

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Just as you would expect, Samsung is working on some new features for this upcoming software update and it just so happens that we found an entire section for Motions and Gestures. It’s unclear what Samsung has planned with this new gesture support as it is currently incomplete, but a new screenshot that was obtained by SamMobile shows the South Korean conglomerate wants in on the gesture navigation trend as well. This feature is currently being tested on the Samsung Galaxy A7 and it allows you to hide the navigation bar so that you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen in certain areas to perform certain tasks.

In the screenshot shown below from the Galaxy A7, swiping up on the left side brings up the Recents page (as Samsung defaults the recents button to the left side. So one would presume that swiping up in the middle would trigger the home button and a swipe up on the right side will trigger the back button. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out as this feature is currently incomplete on Samsung Experience 10. However, this seems to be a good sign for those who prefer gesture navigation instead of software or hardware buttons.

Source: SamMobile

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