Samsung Galaxy A70s may feature a 64MP camera

Samsung Galaxy A70s may feature a 64MP camera

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Some smartphones today are designed almost exclusively for their capturing prowess. This makes sense with media platforms on the rise more than ever before. We’ve seen a lot of recent phones feature 48MP cameras. Samsung might be planning on taking the game one step further by featuring a 64MP camera on their upcoming Samsung Galaxy A70s.

The Galaxy A70s will reportedly feature Samsung’s 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 image sensor, which was announced earlier this month. This sensor uses Tetracell technology to combine four 0.8μm pixels into a single pixel for sharper images and improved low-light photography. 0.8μm is the smallest pixel size currently available on the market and it is also available in Samsung’s 48MP sensor.

64MP sounds like a crazy big number, but photos will usually be 16MP or smaller. When announcing the GW1 sensor, Samsung did state it will be possible to take 64MP photos in bright settings. The GW1 supports real-time HDR of up to 100dbs, which is 40db higher than a conventional sensor.

Many expected the Galaxy Note 10 to be equipped with this 64 MP sensor, but it looks like Samsung will instead focus on the mid-range Galaxy A70s. We don’t know anything else about this phone at this time. The Galaxy A series has been home to some of Samsung’s more experimental features. So this is a good place for this camera to start.

Let us know how you feel about Samsung introducing the first smartphone with 64 MP shooting capacity in the second half of this year.

Source: ETNews