What colors do the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 come in?

What colors do the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 come in?

Samsung launched its new true wireless earbuds — the Galaxy Buds 2 — at the recent Unpacked event. The Buds 2 join the company’s growing TWS earbuds lineup that also includes Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds+. These earbuds are the smallest and lightest in the Buds series and come with several exciting and useful features. If you’re planning to buy the new Galaxy Buds 2, you may be wondering about their color options. Samsung will sell the Buds 2 in four colors — White, Olive, Graphite, and Lavender.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Colors

Interestingly, Samsung is keeping the outside of the Buds 2 case white in all variants. However, the inside of the case will be color-matched with the actual earbuds. Samsung is offering a few color options here so there’s something for everyone. The earbuds look quite funky so pick a color that suits your style or one that matches the color of your smartphone or a case that you use!


    The Galaxy Buds 2 Graphite variant is pretty much black. So if you’re someone who likes Black, you'll appreciate the Graphite version.

    The White variant of the Galaxy Buds 2 is entirely white and will entice the consumers who prefer the basics. It looks beautiful and elegant.

    The Olive color variant of the Buds 2 will remind you of the actual olives. If you don’t want your earbuds to look plain and simple, Olive is great.
    Lavender is another color variant of the Buds 2 that will allow you to be colorful and vibrant. It should match well with a lot of dresses and other female attire.

Galaxy Buds 2: Features

The Galaxy Buds 2 feature dynamic two-way speakers to play high notes and bass. These also come with three levels of ambient sound control, which can cut external background noise by up to 98 percent. Additionally, Samsung says it uses machine-learning solutions to remove external sound and just focus on the wearer’s voice during a call. There are three onboard mics to help with the process.

Buds 2 can deliver five hours of playback with active noise cancellation (ANC) on a single charge. The carrying case extends the playback time to 20 hours. This is pretty normal for a pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Do you like the Galaxy Buds 2 color options, and which one are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. You can also check out Cases for the Galaxy Buds 2. If the Buds 2 don’t excite you, there are several other great wireless earbuds options on the market, so check those out.

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