Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is now supported by Bixby Routines

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is now supported by Bixby Routines

There are a lot of great services out there for creating “routines” with your gadgets. If you’re in the Samsung ecosystem, Bixby Routines is a decent option. It has many of the Tasker-like features you would expect from a routines service, including integration with devices. The recently launched Galaxy Buds+ are now supported as well.

Previously, the Galaxy Buds+ could only be used for “If” actions, like any other Bluetooth device. That means you could automate actions when your buds connect to your phone. A recent update to Bixby Routines, however, added “Then” clauses for the Buds+. Now you can use the Galaxy Buds+ as the receiving end of a routine, so “if” something happens, the Buds+ can perform an action.


Reddit user madn3ss795 provided a few examples of what you can do with the Galaxy Buds+ in Bixby Routines:

  • Gaming Mode only when gaming
  • Ambient sound on when you’re outside your house
  • Equalizer Clear when using a news app
  • Enable/disable reading notification only at a set hour and/or place

You can quickly see how Bixby Routines can be a handy addition to the Galaxy Buds+. Having features like Gaming Mode and Ambient sound can be great, but ultimately if you find it cumbersome to switch them on and off, you’re not going to use them. The screenshot above is from the Galaxy S20+ with One UI 2.0.

Source: Reddit

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