[Update: Galaxy S9, Note 9, Z Flip] Samsung Camera Controller lets you take photos from the Galaxy S20 using your Galaxy Watch

[Update: Galaxy S9, Note 9, Z Flip] Samsung Camera Controller lets you take photos from the Galaxy S20 using your Galaxy Watch

Update (6/3/20 @ 11:15 AM ET): Samsung’s Camera Controller smartwatch app now supports the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy Z Flip.

A number of major OEMs maintain their own app store besides Google Play Store for the sake of offering device-specific exclusive content, or for setting up an alternative app distribution platform without relying on the Mountain View giant. Samsung’s Galaxy Apps, later rebranded as Galaxy Store, is a perfect example of this tradition. The Korean OEM offers plenty of interesting tools via the substitute app store, such as the immensely popular Good Lock suite or the Camera Controller app for wearables. The latter is now updated to support the recently released Galaxy S20 lineup.


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For those not familiar with Camera Controller, the idea of this app is to give the users the freedom to capture photos and videos on a connected phone via their smartwatch. Samsung teased about this handy utility during the launch of the Galaxy Watch Active2, albeit the owners of the original Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Watch can use this app as well. Even after the latest update, which bumps the software version number to 1.0.79 (2020.04.02), the list of supported smartphones is surprisingly small. Apart from the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and the Galaxy Fold are whitelisted by Samsung to utilize the capabilities of the Camera Controller app.


Upon launching the Camera Controller app, it prompts you to open the Camera app on your smartphone. Afterward, it’s just a matter of tapping on the capture button on your watch to take a photo. You can even make use of the Instagram mode, Night mode, Pro mode and the Live Focus mode of the stock camera by the controller app.

Download Camera Controller from Galaxy Store

Samsung’s take on the wearable ecosystem is quite commanding so far. The company is still working on enabling the ECG support on the Galaxy Watch Active2 while they have backported several features to the legacy models. Now that the watches can act as a mini viewfinder for the fan-favorite Galaxy S20 series, it would certainly boost their usability and help consumers not feel left out amidst the arrival of new models.

Thanks to Reddit user zingzongzang48 for the screenshot!

Update: Galaxy S9, Note 9, Z Flip

After launching with support for devices, Samsung has updated the Camera Controller smartwatch app with support for more devices. The devices added include the Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy Z Flip. Those devices join the Galaxy S20 series, S10 series, Note 10 series, and Galaxy Fold.

Download Camera Controller from Galaxy Store

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