[Update: Galaxy Z Flip] Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be called Galaxy Bloom

[Update: Galaxy Z Flip] Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be called Galaxy Bloom

Update 1 (01/13/19 @ 1:20AM ET): Early speculation on the name hinted towards “Galaxy Bloom” as a possibility, but it is likely that “Bloom” is the device codename. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, instead, could be called the Galaxy Z Flip. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on January 10, 2020, is preserved as below.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold early last year in February with a price tag just shy of $2,000. However, shortly after its launch, the innovative folding device encountered some issues in the hands of reviewers. This prompted Samsung to delay the launch until the issues were sorted out. The “fixed” Samsung Galaxy Fold finally went on sale late in September last year and it was received quite well by reviewers and consumers alike. Over the last couple of months, we’ve heard rumors of another folding device coming from Samsung’s stables. The rumored Galaxy Fold 2 isn’t anything like its predecessor and leaked live images of the device suggest that it’ll feature a clamshell design, much like that of the recently launched Moto Razr. While Samsung didn’t showcase the device at the CES 2020 trade show, some of the company’s executives have revealed that the device might not be called the Galaxy Fold 2 after all.


Samsung Galaxy Bloom leak

According to a recent report from a Korean media outlet, Samsung held secret meetings with telecom partners at the event and those who attended the meetings got a sneak peek at upcoming devices. The report also reveals that Samsung’s DJ Koh, who heads the company’s Mobile division, confirmed the names of two upcoming flagships. Koh allegedly revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 series will, in fact, be called the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Just like last year, Samsung will be releasing three devices as part of the series — the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. This falls in line with previous leaks from renowned leaksters @IceUniverse and @MMDDJ_.

Additionally, Koh also revealed the name for the new clamshell foldable smartphone which we’ve previously referred to as the Galaxy Fold 2. The device will allegedly be called Galaxy Bloom, but we don’t have any information regarding the name change. However, Koh did explain that the phone is inspired by Lancom’s makeup compacts and that the company aims to target 20-something women with the upcoming foldable device. The Galaxy Bloom will reportedly have both 4G and 5G variants and the leaked images from the meeting confirm the design that we’ve seen in previous leaks. As of now, we have no confirmation from the company that the device will indeed be called the Galaxy Bloom.

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Update: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

“Bloom” as the name for the next foldable from Samsung did not fit in well, as the moniker sounded much more like the device codename for the Galaxy Fold 2 instead of the final product name that will be used in marketing and branding. Now, @UniverseIce, known for surfacing leaks from Weibo, has shared that the next foldable from Samsung might be called the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung has not yet confirmed any of the names, so we are still in the territory of speculation. We await more details from Samsung.

Source: @UniverseIce

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