Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may launch before the Galaxy S11/S20

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may launch before the Galaxy S11/S20

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold was a highly anticipated device. It suffered from flaws at first, but it finally made it to the market a few months ago, becoming Samsung’s most premium device currently in the market. It works as a normal device (albeit with a weird form factor) when closed shut, and it unfolds into a larger tablet when opened up. This made for a really compelling, premium device, and we also know a successor of sorts is coming. Currently expected to launch as the Galaxy Fold 2, this version features a flip phone form factor just like what Motorola did with their Razr smartphone.

What we don’t know yet, though, is how close we are to a release. The device has already started to leak in live pictures, which tells us that we’re not too far away. And if new reports are to be believed, Samsung would be planning to release this device before the Galaxy S11/Galaxy S20 is released to the public. This would make sense given how live pictures are already appearing and how the device is seemingly a direct competitor to Motorola’s Razr phone which, aside from coming in a clamshell form factor, packs mid-range specs. This device is touted to carry a ~$1,000 price tag and may be carrying midrange specs as well, as evidenced by the dual rear camera setup seen in live pictures.

Of course, nothing is official, not even the phone’s naming as this “Galaxy Fold 2” doesn’t look like a complete successor to the Galaxy Fold, until it comes from Samsung themselves. So as of right now, we should keep ourselves quiet until we see it announced. If Samsung’s next flagships will launch during Unpacked 2020 before MWC, then it’s likely we’ll see Samsung’s new foldable at CES 2020 or at another event in between.

Source: Yonhap News Agency | Via: SamMobile