Samsung Galaxy Fold video leak hints the folding phone may have eSIM support

The trio of new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones may have been the highlight of the company’s recent Unpacked 2019 event, but the Galaxy Fold stole the show for a lot of people. We won’t see Samsung’s foldable phone released until late April, but that hasn’t stopped some people from getting their hands on the device. A newly leaked video seems to indicate that the upcoming Galaxy Fold will have eSIM support.

While the average flagship smartphone buyer has made a decision on if they will buy one of the Galaxy S10 smartphones, the new folding device has been an easy choice for people. The technology is so new that most have either been instantly drawn to it or they instantly brushed it aside. Some people just enjoy bleeding edge hardware while others prefer to wait and let the technology mature before trying it out. We see the same thing when it comes to software. Some people are happy to try out beta versions of Android while others prefer to wait it out.

Samsung Galaxy Fold XDA Forum

Beyond the folding screen, the smartphone has a number of features that are not present in the regular Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e. For example, the Galaxy S10 series comes with UFS 2.1 storage while the folding smartphone comes with the brand new UFS 3.0 technology. Another feature missing, that many had assumed Samsung was going to include, was eSIM support. This ended up not making the cut for the Galaxy S10 series but has seemingly been included in the Galaxy Fold.

We’re able to see this alleged new feature at the 1:09 mark in the hands-on video below that was recently uploaded to YouTube.

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