Samsung Galaxy Fold goes on sale in the U.S. this week via Best Buy and AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Fold goes on sale in the U.S. this week via Best Buy and AT&T

Samsung’s most interesting device this year is, quite likely, not the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy Note 10 line of flagship devices, which are outstanding phones by themselves. It’s not the Galaxy A series either, which bring all sorts of bleeding-edge features such as 64MP cameras and flipping sensors. Rather, we’re talking about the Galaxy Fold, which serves as Samsung’s first device with a fully foldable frame and display. The device can be opened up like a notebook revealing a large, more tablet-like 7.3-inch display, but can still be used as a regular phone form factor thanks to a smaller display on the outside.

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The device suffered from a rough start thanks to manufacturer defects and design errors, but after a redesign period that lasted several months, Samsung is now ready to launch the device to the wider public and it’s now available in certain markets such as South Korea. The United States is also set to get its dose of Galaxy Fold as well, but this time, it might go a little different than planned. While it was originally planned to be sold online just like any other device launched from Samsung, the Galaxy Fold will now only be available at select retail locations. Starting this week, on September 27th, you’ll be able to grab your own Samsung Galaxy Fold at select Best Buy and Samsung Experience Store retail locations, as well as in select AT&T stores if you want to grab it through a carrier.

It’s quite possible Samsung will eventually offer it through its website as well after the initial launch period, as well as roll it out to more retail locations. If you’re interested in grabbing your Galaxy Fold device first-day, then you will be able to go into the Samsung website to check out the nearest location to buy your Galaxy Fold.

Are you still excited about the Galaxy Fold?

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