Cancelled Samsung Galaxy foldable phone prototype resembling the ZTE Axon M appears online

Cancelled Samsung Galaxy foldable phone prototype resembling the ZTE Axon M appears online

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We’ve seen a few reports about the Samsung Galaxy foldable phone that is said to be in production this year. It was rumored to be under the Note branding. A few months after the initial reports, we’re getting some new intel about the device. Just a couple of days ago, we learned that it could cost nearly $2,000. The Korea Times also reported that phone may be released in 2019, not in 2018, as was originally intended.

We now have some photos showing a canceled Samsung foldable phone. The photos clearly show the Samsung Galaxy foldable phone’s dual screen, which looks a lot like ZTE Axon M. In it’s unfolded state, the device has 7.3-inch OLED screen, but only 4.5-inches when folded. The word “foldable” is absolutely gimmicky as the device has two independent displays side-by-side. It doesn’t feature one big foldable display or anything like that.

From the tweet (original source), we also get the codename of the device: Samsung Project V. Model number is SM-G929F. Keep in mind that these photos are of a canceled device. The foldable phone we’ll see next year may not be anything like this. Here are some photos of the ZTE Axon M, for comparison.

I’m looking forward to the device Samsung plans to release next year. So far, we only know the rumored price and estimated release date of the device. We don’t even know its name yet. Samsung is said to be presenting the phone to the major US carriers next year, so that’s why they aren’t releasing the phone in 2018. They’re working on some patents and technologies to make sure that internal components don’t get damaged when you fold the phone. We also saw Samsung’s patents about UI on the foldable phones. You can clearly see in the pictures above that Samsung made a good use of those patents.

Source: Twitter @MMDDJ_