Another Samsung Galaxy with an Infinity Display is set to launch in India

Another Samsung Galaxy with an Infinity Display is set to launch in India

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Samsung has witnessed the threat of Xiaomi’s budget and early mid-range portfolio in the Indian market, as the Chinese OEM continues on nibbling away market share in these segments with value offerings such as the Xiaomi Redmi 5, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and their successors. To maintain relevance in this market, Samsung is planning to launch another new Galaxy smartphone with an “Infinity Display” in India within the next week.

According to industry sources that revealed these plans to IANS, Samsung would be releasing its second online-exclusive smartphone in two months in the country. This upcoming Galaxy device will feature a Super AMOLED display with the Infinity Display design language, and will likely come with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy On6, its first “Infinity Display” smartphone that would be sold online only. This launch was previously reported on by IANS, lending more credibility to the current reporting. While we know little about the upcoming device other than its RAM, storage and its design language, we suspect the device to be the Samsung Galaxy On6+ that we had earlier reported on (which in turn is a rebranded Samsung Galaxy J6+).

Samsung is doing well in India in the mid range as it claims to have sold over 2,000,000 of its recently launched Samsung Galaxy J8 and Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphones, averaging over 50,000 units of each per day since their launch in the country. Samsung’s extensive offline footprint for sales, marketing and after-sales, as well as its brand discoverability in semi-urban and rural India, gives it a very strong presence in the Indian market despite the relentless Chinese competition. Samsung is also known to add in software features that appease to the Indian audience, as can be seen with their advertisements for the Galaxy J6 smartphone that prominently sell its new Chat-over-Video feature. While the competition works towards expanding its own offline presence, Samsung is working towards increasing the pressure on the online front.

Source: IANS (Paywall) Story Via: Economic Times