Samsung releases wallpapers to fit the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch design

Samsung releases wallpapers to fit the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch design

The “hole punch vs notch” debate continues to wage in the Android community. One manufacturer who hasn’t dabbled much on the notch side of things is Samsung. While they do use the notch in some lower-end devices, their flagship phones have featured hole punches. That’s the case with the recently launched Galaxy Note 10/10+ and Samsung is embracing it.

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The Galaxy S10 series also launched with hole punches, though they have the hole (or elongated hole) in the right corner of the display. The Android community quickly got to work on making very creative wallpapers to hide/accentuate the hole punch. The Galaxy Note 10 line has a centered hole punch and now Samsung is releasing their own hole-punch wallpapers.

Samsung teamed up with a handful of well-known designers to release 9 wallpapers that mask the hole punch. The wallpapers work the cutout into the design so you either can’t see it or expect a black circle to be there anyway. While this doesn’t work when you’re using an app, it does make the homescreen look a little nicer. You can follow this link on your Galaxy Note 10 to go to the cutout section in the Theme Store.

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