A new report claims the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t have any buttons

A new report claims the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t have any buttons

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been a hit, but that doesn’t mean consumers aren’t already looking forward to what Samsung has next to offer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to be the company’s next flagship smartphone, and with the Galaxy Note 9 being touted as one of the best phones of 2018, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is something to get excited about. A new report from South Korean publication ETNews, however, says that things may change slightly with its release. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not have any buttons whatsoever.

Without buttons, it may seem that it will be significantly harder to navigate your device. However, according to the report, those buttons will be replaced by touch sensors or gestures. That means no volume rocker, no power button, no Bixby button… just gestures and touch sensors. It’s a weird design, and I can only imagine that many will find those buttons getting triggered in their pockets by accident. It’s possible that the company is also going for a side squeeze feature like HTC. Either way, it’s certainly a weird choice if true.

The report also says that the company intends to launch the feature on their A series of smartphones first, most likely to test it and gain an insight into the usability. It wouldn’t be the first time the A series was used to test something, as the company has tried numerous things with that lineup of smartphones. From a quad camera array on the back to the hole-punch, the A series got some features first or even exclusively. Interestingly, an earlier report has already actually claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have quad cameras on the rear.

If people like not having physical buttons on these mid-range devices, then it’s very possible that we’ll see them come to a flagship sooner rather than later. The Samsung Galaxy Note typically launches in August or September, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on any more news on the run-up to its unveiling. It’s still very early for the real leaks and rumours yet.

Source: ETNews Via: SamMobile