PlayGalaxy Link is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

PlayGalaxy Link is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

During the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch, there was one feature that flew under the radar because of how packed the event was: PlayGalaxy Link. This feature lets you stream games from your computer to your phone. It’s a really great service, especially while as we head into the era of 5G connectivity when apps need a lot of bandwidth and low latency.

PlayGalaxy Link Website || Parsec Game Streaming Website

PlayGalaxy Link is based off a service called Parsec. Samsung worked with Parsec to brand their technology into a Samsung exclusive. PlayGalaxy Link will connect to your Samsung account on both the phone and computer. It will find all the games installed on your computer and list them. You can then select which game you want to play on your phone using the PlayGalaxy Link app. The games will run over 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi connectivity. This is different than Steam Link which requires you to be on the same wireless network.

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link is only available on the Galaxy Note 10 series of phones right now, but it will likely be released for older devices in the coming months. If you want to use what is essentially PlayGalaxy Link but on any smartphone, you can try Parsec instead. Back in November of last year, I made a video on this service. In the video, I showed you how to set it up with your gaming PC and stream to any phone. You can even rent out a cloud PC from one of a few providers if you don’t have a gaming PC to stream from.

Both of these services are actually really great for gamers. You can play PC quality games while you’re on your phone. They’re not hard to use either; they’re essentially plug-and-play.

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