Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked live images show off hole punch display

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ leaked live images show off hole punch display

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Samsung’s next major launch, the Galaxy Note 10, is still more than a month away at least, but we already know several key details about the upcoming flagship from Samsung. For starters, there will be at least two devices in the Note 10 lineup this year: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. CAD renders for both the devices have been leaked, and now, live images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ have leaked, giving us a fair look at the upcoming flagship.

As leaked by @Mr_TechTalkTV, we have our first look at the “Pro” variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The first image is of the boot screen of the device, which mentions that the device will be called “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+” and not “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro” as the leaks had indicated so far. Reliable leakers like @OnLeaks, who had released the CAD renders of the “Pro” variant, has retweeted the images, implying that the leaks do line up properly with what has been revealed about the higher specced variant of the device. The Plus moniker also ties in better with Samsung’s naming convention.

The second image of the device shows off its display and brings focus over to the punch hole for the camera. The camera hole appears to be a tad bit bigger than what the renders had envisaged, but otherwise is inline with expectations. Whether consumers prefer the centered punch hole would be up to personal preference. The live image also shows off the curve of the display, as well as the thin bezels on the top and bottom of the device. Again, these appear to be slightly larger than what was revealed in the renders, but they still appear to be considerably thin.

The last image is blurred and out of focus, but does show off the different placement of the rear cameras. You can also count at least three of the rear cameras as well as the LED flash. All of these details line up perfectly with the leaked renders.

The Galaxy Note 10 Series is expected to launch sometime in August, as has been the tradition with recent Note series launches. We know that there will be multiple Note 10 models, including a 5G variant that will be available on Verizon. The Note 10 Series will also be the first flagship series from Samsung that would not come with a headphone jack.

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Source: TechTalkTV