Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+ Leak in All Their Glory

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+ Leak in All Their Glory

As we build up for the second half of 2015, we get to see more and more of the surprises that OEM’s have in store for their customers, courtesy of both professional and amateur leakers who get their hands on unreleased test devices.

The latest device, or devices in this case, come from the stables of Samsung, who is riding high after the success of its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge lineup. Praised highly for their design, it should come as no surprise that Samsung is going to stick with what worked magic on the market.

First up, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ gets photographed. If you have seen a Galaxy S6 Edge, you will instantly recognize the S6 Edge+.



s6edge+3While the images are low quality, they give us a good idea that nothing much would be changing as far the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is concerned. The “Plus” is simply an enlarged version of the S6 Edge, design wise, featuring the same curved display and a fingerprint scanner home button on the front. Even the position of the front sensors and camera remain unchanged, so it would be a safe guess that the back of the device will also follow along identically on the lines of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The leaked images also mention that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will bear the model number SM-G928A and will come with atleast Android 5.1.1 out of the box.

Moving on to the Galaxy Note 5, the front of the device features very thin side bezels, and a slightly larger fingerprint scanner than what was present on the Galaxy Note 4. The front sensors have also been repositioned, with the front camera moving away from the corner of the device, towards the center.


The interesting part of the Galaxy Note 5 is the back panel as well as the frame of the device, as it is still guesswork on what path Samsung chooses to embark upon for its Note lineup. Unfortunately, these and the S Pen design were not included in the leak. The images of the leak were of rather low quality too, leaving little scope of further speculation based on them, albeit the Note 5 is rumored to be more closer to the S6 in terms of its design rather than the Note 4.


Nonetheless, we can cross our fingers on getting more clearer photos of actual demo units of these devices before their official launch. Let us know your thoughts on these images in the comments below!


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