Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Flat) Working Prototype Featured in 11-Minute Long Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Flat) Working Prototype Featured in 11-Minute Long Video

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unveiling is just round the corner, with the device being unveiled officially on 2nd August. We know a lot about the device so far — how it will look like, in what colors it will come in, what hardware will it sport internally and even have a glimpse on how the Iris Scanner will work. But if you’re still craving for yet more information about the device, we’ve got something sweet for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just starred in a 11 minute long video, where a lot of different aspects of the device were shown off. Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and watch this feature length demo:

Right off the bat, you’ll notice something off… Where’s the curved display? The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 demoed off in the video is a prototype device, and to note, it’s apparently prototype of a flat, non-curved variant. A lot of previous leaks, rumors and renders only pitched that Samsung had chosen to stick with a curved display Note 7 only, with no Flat variant being planned for the final consumer. But in this demo, a prototype non-Edge Note 7 is being shown off, which means that Samsung may have toyed with the idea at the very least. It still remains unknown if such a variant will ever make it to the market, and we’ll probably have to wait till the official unveiling for more info in general.

Some more points to note is that since this is a prototype, the hardware and likely the software is not final. The video shows off the insides as being the Exynos 8890 with 4GB of RAM. The camera sensor on this device was the Sony IMX260, but again, it’s a prototype. Samsung also tends to swap around camera sensors with their own, so things can change by the time of the final release. The video also shows off the S Pen, the Iris scanner and some benchmarks for the device.

While still not final or official in any manner, the video gives us a very good look at what to expect when the Galaxy Note 7 comes out. The mystery still continues on #TeamFlat vs #TeamEdge for the Note 7, and we’re curious to see if Samsung does decide to go both ways. One can dream, eh?

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