Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumored to Start at €849 (U$D938), Likely Packs SD820

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumored to Start at €849 (U$D938), Likely Packs SD820

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will very likely come with an Iris scanner and dual-edged display, with the existence of a non-edge device questionable at this stage. This might lead to the device’s price not being in-line with consumer expectations, especially when you remove the novelty factor of the edge.

And as expected, the first numbers that are doing the rounds as the starting price of the Galaxy Note 7 will burn a hole in your wallet. Sammobile, relying on their internal sources, have mentioned that the Galaxy Note 7 might be as steep as €849 (U$D938) for its base variant. This would make the Galaxy Note 7 the costliest Samsung flagship in recent times, being €50 more the Galaxy S7 Edge as its current price. The U.S. price in dollars, however, will likely be much lower than the conversion value of the rumored figure, as we often see with flagship releases.

While the price might be justified, it would have been more consumer friendly if the existing prices of the other devices in the flagship range were cut down to make way for the Note 7. In its current standing, the Note 7 would certainly be a very premium device that only the creamy layer might afford, putting it square against the offering from the rival fruit company.

Now, there are a few more rumors going around with regards the general specs of the device. Recently a variant was spotted with Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM (and Android 6.0.1), and the model name indicates this would be the Verizon variant of the phone. This is one but many rumors suggesting that the phone might arrive with a Snapdragon 820, a sad bit of news considering that the Snapdragon 821 was just announced. We wouldn’t necessarily expect the chipset to show its face so early, and last year’s Note5 packed the same processor as their S6/Edge brothers, so perhaps the gap between the S and Note lines is closing for good.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy Note 7 is just a few weeks away. We hope to hear of more news of the device as the event approaches. Stay tuned!

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