Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Demo Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Demo Leaked

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is due for a launch in a few weeks, and as expected, the leaks have been flowing. Previously, some images appeared which gave us a glimpse of how the tech would work. But today, we get a short demo of how it works.

As is apparent from the 4-second video, the iris scanning technology is quite quick indeed. But there are a few shortcomings for it. Namely, you need to pull out your phone and turn on the screen. At this point, the fingerprint scanner does the job pretty well and quick, so the iris scanner would like be reserved for instance where you want to avoid interaction with the scanner like when wearing gloves. Even from a security point-of-view (heh), the Iris Scanner does not seem to have any overtly obvious benefits over the fingerprint scanner, both of which lose out to conventional password-based solutions for security.

Whether the Iris Scanner becomes a defining feature, or whether it will join the infamous Gimmick club with the likes of other “features” like Eye Scroll on the Samsung Galaxy S5, is something we’ll find out when the Galaxy Note 7 launches in its full glory. For now, we will try to keep our expectations low and pretend to be surprised when they do launch it.

What do you think of the Iris Scanning technology? Do you think it will be a genuine, defining feature? Or will it be another one of those novelty tricks on modern smartphones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!