ePrice Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches in “First Snow White” color in Taiwan

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches in “First Snow White” color in Taiwan

December is right around the corner, which means it’s already time for Christmas shopping. And one of our favorite parts of the Christmas season, aside from Christmas trees, gifts, food, and the traditions, is the snowy, white winter weather. Christmas is a great time for deals and product launches as people move heaven and earth to find the perfect presents. Being one of the most popular devices out there, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is sure to be a popular option for just about anyone. As snow begins to fall in parts of the world, Samsung has unveiled a new Galaxy Note 9 color option – First Snow White. Well, at least in Taiwan.

A white Galaxy Note 9 was first leaked by Evan Blass, and the final, official product resembles what he shared. We haven’t seen a flagship Samsung device launch in white since the Galaxy S7 in 2016, but we have a few key differences here. First off, the entirety of the phone (sans the front bezels) is a bright tone of white including the back panel, the camera accents, the fingerprint sensor, and through the aluminum frame with the Bixby/Volume/Power buttons. Even the S-Pen is white: Samsung paid attention to detail here. The result? A device that looks and feels outstanding in every way.

As for the internals, it is still the same Galaxy Note 9 we’re familiar with. The white version will, however, only be available in a 128GB storage configuration – if you want to get the 512GB version, you’ll have to get another color. The First Snow White Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has launched in Taiwan, although we don’t know if it will launch in other parts of the world. The device is still available in 4 other color options, including Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, and Metallic Copper.

What do you think about this new color option? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Samsung (Chinese) Images source: ePrice (Chinese)

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