Samsung Galaxy Note 9 update brings Night mode scheduling and FOV changing for selfies

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 update brings Night mode scheduling and FOV changing for selfies

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Samsung has striven hard to repair its bad reputation when it comes to software update and fairly speaking, it has succeeded to an extent. Since the beginning of this year, Samsung has pushed out crucial updates – including One UI update based on Android Pie – to its devices in the flagship, mid-range, and entry-level segments with similar zeal. While last year’s flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was bestowed with the One UI update back in January itself, the company is now bringing some camera improvements along with scheduling for the Night Mode.

First off, the update adds a new toggle to Galaxy Note 9 for switching between the standard and the wide-angle field of view (FOV) in the case of selfies. While the FOV is set to 68° by default, you can change it 80° to accommodate a wider view or more people in the frame. The 68° selfie mode, which was recently added to the Galaxy A50 as well, crops the standard field of view for so that you – and not the background – are the key highlight of these selfies.

galaxy note 9 april update

Courtesy of SamMobile

Apart from the improvements to the Galaxy Note 9’s selfie camera, the update brings an option that will let you schedule the Night Mode. Please note, Night mode, in this case, refers to the option of switching on or scheduling a system-wide dark theme and not the dedicated Night mode recently added the Galaxy S10’s Camera app (which is not available on the Note 9 yet). Using your GPS location, the Night Mode can automatically switch to a dark theme post sunset. Otherwise, you can simply set a daily schedule for the feature.

As per SamMobile, which spotted the update, the current update is live for Galaxy Note 9 units in Germany and should roll out to other countries soon. Further, while this update features the Google Security patch from April, Samsung might add the security patch from May before rolling the update out in other countries and this could result in a delay.