[Update: US too] Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s One UI beta (Android Pie) goes live in India and Germany

[Update: US too] Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s One UI beta (Android Pie) goes live in India and Germany

Update: The Galaxy Note 9 One UI beta is now available for the US unlocked N960U1 model as well. You can get the beta through the Samsung+ app.

One UI is Samsung’s rebranding of Samsung Experience 10, and is based on Android 9 Pie. One UI features a massive UI overhaul with an emphasis on ease-of-use, especially with a single hand and a system-wide dark theme. The One UI beta program from Samsung allows interested users to try out the new UX before it rolls out to the public in January 2019.

The One UI beta (Android Pie) program for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 began registrations last week in the US. While we are yet to see results from those registrations, the One UI beta is now rolling out to users in Germany and India.

The build comes with firmware version N960FXXU2ZRKQ, featuring the November 2018 security patch as well. The highlight of the build is, of course, the bump up to Android 9 Pie as well as Samsung’s One UI.

Registrations for the beta are to be done through the Samsung Members app. There is likely to be a limit on the number of devices that Samsung would want to roll out the beta onto, so spots are not guaranteed even if you do register. The standard disclaimer for all betas apply here too, namely that beta software tends to contain bugs. If you are looking for a stable OS that serves all your needs flawlessly, you should stay away from beta programs. Samsung’s beta programs contain more polished software compared to leaked builds, but there is still a possibility that something crucial is broken.

If you are looking for stable software, the official Android 9 Pie update for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled for January of 2019.

Update 12/5

One UI beta is now available for the US unlocked N960U1 model. You can join the beta through the Samsung+ app.

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