[Update: Official] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Silver leaked, coming to the US

[Update: Official] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Silver leaked, coming to the US

Update 9/27: Samsung has officially announced the Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Smartphone companies these days do a lot to keep their brand new devices in the headlines. The more times a device gets mentioned in the news, the more sales the company can potentially rake in. We see this strategy done in a number of different ways, but the most common is introducing a new color variant. It’s been less than a month since Samsung launched their latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and now a new color variant has been leaked that is said to be coming to the United States.


Current Note 9 colors

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 in a plethora of colors including Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper, Midnight Black, and Lavender Purple. Having a smartphone available in unique colors gives more choice to the customers, but it also adds some additional burden onto the smartphone OEM as well. This is why we usually only see devices released in one or two color variants. For the big OEMs though, they can afford the additional resources required to manage the inventory and can partner with retailers for promotions to get rid of the colors that didn’t sell well on their own.

The smartphone market is very competitive these days and keeping a brand new flagship smartphone in the news while competitors release their devices is a proven strategic plan. Sometimes these color variants are exclusive to certain retailers and regions, but they always end up creating more headlines for the smartphone. MySmartPrice has been able to get their hands on a press render for an unreleased version of the Galaxy Note 9 that shows it in the color Silver. It certainly looks very similar to the Arctic Silver shade that we saw Samsung use with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, so it makes sense that they would use it for the Galaxy Note 9 as well.

So far, details are telling us that the new Arctic Silver Galaxy Note 9 is said to be released in the United States, but that the South Korean conglomerate could also bring it to additional markets as well. Are you interested in this color?

Source: MySmartPrice

Update: Official

The silver Galaxy Note 9 will be available exclusively and Best Buy (stores and online) and Samsung.com. It will go on sale October 5th. They also mentioned that the 128GB Midnight Black model will go on sale October 12th and the 512GB model will go on sale October 26th.


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