Samsung Galaxy S Chlorine Utility (Bloat Remover)

Samsung Galaxy S Chlorine Utility (Bloat Remover)

With so many Gingerbread ROMs coming out lately, XDA Recognized Developer sargorn couldn’t wait for the relevant ROM developer to update to the next ROM. So, for the last month of so the XDA developer has been using customised stock ROMs.

One of the first things to do after flashing a new ROM and kernel is to cut down on some of the bloat in /system/.

The dev has put together an utility which more or less removes everything that can be downloaded (for free) from the Market. The utility is a little bit of PHP that will generate a customised CWM3 compatible which will remove specific apks (and associated .odexes). You can choose which apks you want the to remove and then hit the Generate button.

For more information and to download the utility, head on over to the forum thread.


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