Phoenix rises from the ashes: The Samsung Galaxy S II gets a taste of Android 12

Phoenix rises from the ashes: The Samsung Galaxy S II gets a taste of Android 12

Just a day ago, we spoke about devices outliving their generation by leaps and bounds, and highlighted the Samsung Galaxy S III’s prowess in doing so. Despite a number of devices following similar paths thanks to the dedication of developers on our forums, the undoubted champion that simply refuses to give up, is the second-gen Galaxy S. The venerable Samsung Galaxy S II has not only received Android builds light years ahead of it’s time, but it has also managed to run non-Android operating systems, such as Ubuntu Touch. Now, XDA Senior Member rINanDO has taken another important step in continuing the device’s legacy, by successfully booting an Android 12 ROM on it.


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The developer has compiled an unofficial build of LineageOS 19.0 on top of Android 12 for the GT-I9100 variant of the Galaxy S II. And despite being a very alpha work in progress, it shows a lot of promise. Most of the core hardware components, such as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the audio output are functional. The cellular radio is working too, which means you could flash the ROM on the device and technically use it as a backup phone, provided your carrier has yet to phase out 3G completely. Last but not least, SELinux is set as enforced in the release.

Looking at the list of what doesn’t work initially sets off quite a few alarm bells. Things like the broken video recording feature and the camera crashing after one use are usually enough to keep people from downloading. However, rINanDO is committed to continue work on the Android 12 port, aided by an amazing team of fellow developers. Bugs or not, the release is still another jewel in the crown of what is, in our opinion, one of the greatest smartphones of all time.

Head over to the thread linked below to join the discussion, flash the ROM, or just witness another milestone in the Galaxy S II’s illustrious life.

Download unofficial LineageOS 19.0 based on Android 12 for the Samsung Galaxy S II

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