Samsung Galaxy S10 will reportedly be announced on February 20

Samsung Galaxy S10 will reportedly be announced on February 20

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup is one of the most anticipated releases of early 2019, as Samsung will use the S10 lineup to introduce its Infinity-O display, first seen on the Galaxy A8s, to the flagship line. This will also be the first time where there will be three variants of the flagship — a “Lite” variant with a flat display, a regular variant with a curved display and a “Plus” variant.

Now, Gizmodo has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will launch on February 20, 2019 at a Samsung Unpacked event. This event will be held before the Mobile World Congress 2019, which is scheduled for 25-28 February 2019. The Galaxy S10 devices will be available for preorder from the date of launch, and will then be subsequently released on March 8, 2019 (by “release”, we assume it refers to open availability and sale).

Interestingly, Gizmodo also claims that the Galaxy S10 lineup will also feature wireless reverse charging functionality, similar to that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The feature will be called Powershare, which will allow the device to charge other devices wirelessly. It is unknown if Samsung will also release accessories that take advantage of this functionality, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if they did.

Screen sizes of the device lineup have also been corroborated. The Galaxy S10 “Lite” will have a 5.8″ display, the Galaxy S10 “Regular” will have a 6.1″ display, while the Galaxy S10 “Plus” will have a 6.4″ display. Since Samsung’s Infinity-O display will also cut down on bezels, the exact dimensions of the device are likely to be smaller than other devices with a similar screen size and aspect ratio.

Gizmodo also had access to leaked UK pricing of the device. The Lite variant will come with 128GB of storage for a price of £669. The Regular variant will come with 128GB or 512GB storage options, for a price of £799 and £999 respectively. The Plus variant takes the crazy up a notch, with storage options of 128GB, 512GB and 1TB (!) for a price of £899, £1099 and £1399 respectively. While the 1TB variant does sound absolute overkill for most of Samsung’s demographics, it will certainly give the company some ostentatious headlines.

Every new leak on the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup gives us more reason to look forward to 2019. Even if you have just upgraded your device and aren’t looking to purchase a new phone, the S10 lineup will spurr other OEMs to step up their game just to keep up. And we certainly appreciate the results of the competition.

Source: Gizmodo