[Update: Sprint & Verizon] AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the first U.S. model to get the new dedicated camera night mode

[Update: Sprint & Verizon] AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the first U.S. model to get the new dedicated camera night mode

Update (7/30/19 @ 9:30 AM ET): Sprint and Verizon are now rolling out the Night Mode update to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

When the Samsung Galaxy S10 series first launched, we were surprised its camera app didn’t have a dedicated night mode and only a Bright Night scene optimizer. Samsung later added a dedicated night mode to the camera, but the results weren’t that great at first. Through subsequent updates, Samsung massively improved the new night mode. The update bringing the dedicated and improved night mode has rolled out to most Exynos devices in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 series, and it is now finally rolling out to the Snapdragon U.S. S10+ models, starting with AT&T.


Thanks to KenC from the SamCentral Discord server, we know AT&T is rolling out this update to Samsung devices right now. The camera now has a dedicated night mode and QR code scanner. The night mode does help a lot at night as our own Idrees Patel found it to be a worthy competitor to Google’s Night Sight. The QR scanner is also a nice addition as users will no longer have to open Bixby Vision or Google Lens to scan QR codes. This makes it more convenient to quickly connect to a Wi-Fi network or go to a website.

This latest update also comes with the June 1, 2019 security patch level. AT&T happens to be the last U.S. carrier to roll out the June security patch update, but their update is the first one to bring the dedicated night mode in the camera app.

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The update should be rolling out soon for the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+. AT&T updates can sometimes be finicky, so if you want to update your device right now, firmware.science has the OTA files from build number G975USQS1ASD9 to G975USQU2ASF6. If you can’t wait, the update should appear on your device soon. If you are on any other U.S. carrier and are waiting for the night mode update, you are going to have to keep waiting until the carriers finally get around to rolling it out.

Update: Sprint & Verizon

Verizon followed AT&T by rolling out the dedicated camera Night Mode and June 2019 security patches earlier this month, and now Sprint is following as well. The Verizon update is available for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e (not the Galaxy S10 5G). According to users on Reddit, the Sprint Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are now also receiving the Night Mode update along with the June security patches.

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