Samsung Galaxy S10 may ditch iris scanner for faster and larger in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S10 may ditch iris scanner for faster and larger in-display fingerprint sensor

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As we get closer to the end of the year we always begin to see more rumors surrounding the next flagship that is scheduled from Samsung. Lately, we have heard that the upcoming Galaxy S10 could very well be the last Galaxy S series smartphone that comes with a + (plus) variant. There was also a rumor a couple of months ago about the larger Galaxy S10+ version coming 5G (after its initial launch) which could be enough to make people wait until this version is available. Today’s latest rumor is about the company ditching its iris scanner feature that the company has been pushing these last couple of years.

There are so many different authentication methods available for Android devices that it can be quite confusing. We have the traditional PIN, pattern, and password options. Then there are some devices with facial recognition, some come with a fingerprint scanner and then we have the iris scanner which has received mixed reviews from Samsung owners. This isn’t even taking into consideration that there are multiple versions of some of these features. Such as different OEMs using different technologies for authentication methods for facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

We haven’t really had any deviations when it came to fingerprint scanning in the past but the new trend of in-display fingerprint scanners has introduced this. For example, OnePlus went with an optical fingerprint scanner for the new OnePlus 6T but it looks like Samsung will be opting for an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the upcoming Galaxy S10, according to infamous leaker Ice Universe.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor uses ultrasound to create a 3D image of your finger or thumb when it is pressed to the screen. On the other hand, an optical fingerprint scanner will light up the display and use the light to reflect an image of your finger or thumb for authentication. The ultrasonic version is said to be more accurate (which makes sense) and the rumor says that Samsung feels it will be good enough to replace the iris sensor that they have been using. Ice Universe also claims the scanner will take up 30% of the screen, which should make it easier to use.

These in-display rumors fit with another rumor we heard that claims Samsung may put the regular front-facing camera under the screen as well so they can reduce the bezels of the Galaxy S10 even more. If all of this is true, the Galaxy S10 (at least one model) is going to be very impressive.