The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have an in-display fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have an in-display fingerprint scanner

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For the last few years, we have heard that Samsung has been wanting (and reportedly planning) to include an in-display fingerprint scanner in their next smartphone. This seemed quite obvious with the release of the Galaxy S8 as the company seemed to have put a rear fingerprint scanner in a sub-optimal spot right next to the camera sensor. Since then we’ve continued to hear about Samsung finally getting things right and that the in-display fingerprint scanner would be ready for their next device. We still haven’t seen any of these reports come true, but here we are again with a new report claiming the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will indeed have this feature built into it.

This new report from The Bell starts by telling us that Samsung is referring to the upcoming smartphone by its codename “Beyond” and the name “Galaxy S10” is actually tentative. It was back in February of this year when Samsung’s mobile division chief, DJ Koh, spoke during Mobile World Congress and said they were discussing whether or not to call this device the Galaxy S10. It was revealed that Samsung wants to continue to use the Galaxy brand name but they were currently thinking about dropping either the “S” moniker or the numbering system entirely.

The new report cites “the parts industry” who has allegedly had a look at the current development project and says Samsung is currently planning to get the Galaxy S10 equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Remember though, this was planned for the Galaxy S8 as well but that didn’t turn out to be true. The Galaxy Note 8 was said to having this feature as well but we were told that it wasn’t included due to technical limitations. The report came up yet again before the Galaxy S9 was released and still the idea of using the feature got pushed back.

We haven’t even seen what Samsung can come up with for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but we’ve heard they dropped plans for the in-display scanner already. With that said, the S10 is still in its early development cycle so anything could change what they currently have planned for it.

Source: The Bell