Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Replace the Iris Scanner with a 3D Sensor and an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Replace the Iris Scanner with a 3D Sensor and an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

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Product development takes a lot of time, especially for devices that get as complex as the smartphones in our hand. So while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might still be a few weeks away, Samsung is already planning forward for the Samsung Galaxy S10. And the latest reports mention the possibility of Samsung doing away with the Iris Scanner that has been present on the line since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy S10 will be the tenth iteration in the Galaxy lineup, making it an important piece of history in the making. Samsung will definitely try to make the device as special as possible by including features like triple rear cameras, a 3D sensor, a notch-less display thanks to sound emitting OLED panels, and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The latest report from Korean site The Bell mentions that the device, however, will ditch the iris scanner because of feature redundancy. Samsung has not ordered a sample iris scanner for the Galaxy S10 prototype that is under development, and may choose to omit this part altogether in the final product. Biometric security options on the device will include the new in-display fingerprint scanner and the 3D sensor for facial recognition, so having an often-unreliable iris scanner is an extra cost which can be avoided.

The Bell also reaffirms that the S10 lineup is codenamed “Beyond.” The display size of the Galaxy S10 is expected to be 5.8-inches, while the S10 Plus is expected to be 6.3-inch. It is still early days in the development cycle of the S10, so if testing of the prototype reveals issues with the in-display fingerprint scanner or the 3D sensor, Samsung could very well reverse its decisions and make changes accordingly.

What are your thoughts on Samsung choosing to skip the iris scanner on the Galaxy S10? Will this change affect your usage? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Bell Story Via: Android Authority