Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite update adds 4K@60fps video recording and other camera improvements

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite update adds [email protected] video recording and other camera improvements

Samsung launched two sub-premium phones – the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite – in January. The two phones are pitted against flagship killers like the OnePlus 7T but each of them serves different audiences. The Galaxy S10 Lite is targetted at users who want flagship-grade performance but some compromises in areas like design whereas the Note 10 Lite is aimed at users who want the S-Pen experience at a lower price.

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We recently reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and found it to offer a striking value for money, especially for users who prefer buying Samsung devices. While its 48MP camera and the Super Steady OIS mode are made to impress, the phone lacked certain features in the video department. That has been rectified with the latest update which adds 4K video recording at 60fps to the S10 Lite (SM-G770F). Besides this, the update also brings improvements to the camera quality and stability.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite update

The changelog also mentions Super Steady mode for UHD (4K) video recording but we found that wasn’t working on our unit. When selected, the Super Steady mode switches back to 1080p mode automatically and the option to select the video quality is disabled. We reached out to Samsung for clarity on this and will update the article as per their response.

Besides camera improvements, the update also brings improvements to the performance of the in-display optical fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 Lite. Other than that, there are improvements to the overall stability of the UI. Lastly, the update also brings Google’s security patches from February 2020.

The update is about 420MB in size and started rolling out in India last week. The rollout should be incremental based on your region. Since the Galaxy S10 Lite does not have separate Snapdragon and Exynos variants, the rollout can be expected to be smoother and quicker.

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