Samsung Galaxy S10+ may come in a 5G model

Samsung Galaxy S10+ may come in a 5G model

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While smartphones are constantly evolving with new features, the networks we rely on have also been changing. Verizon and the HTC made waves when they launched the first LTE phone in the US. Since then, 4G LTE has been the industry standard for high-speed mobile connectivity. However, 5G is coming sooner than you might think, and Samsung is poised to be on the train before it leaves the station.

It will take a few years before 5G is widely available, but a new report claims Samsung will future-proof their lineup with a 5G-capable Samsung Galaxy S10+. The regular Samsung Galaxy S10 will not have 5G support, according to the report. Earlier this month, Samsung announced their first 5G modem, the Exynos 5100. We’ve also seen Qualcomm’s mmWave 5G antennas. So this is certainly not a far-fetched rumor.

The report goes on to say that the Galaxy S10+ 5G model would not launch alongside the non-5G models. It would launch later to coincide with the launch of 5G in Korea. Also, the report says the Galaxy S10 series will be announced at CES rather than a separate event. This would be two months earlier than the typical Galaxy S# event. Personally, I would take that part with a grain of salt. We’ve heard rumors in the past of Samsung announcing major phones at CES and they usually don’t pan out.

Source: The Bell