SamMobile All Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ units will come with a factory pre-installed screen protector

All Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ units will come with a factory pre-installed screen protector

Just when you think you know everything about the Galaxy S10 devices, which were released just a few days ago, Samsung manages and puts out a new piece of information before they even go on sale. First was the camera cutout hiding feature, then Bixby remapping, and now it’s pre-applied screen protectors. During the release of the smartphones, many reviewers and future users had concerns about how the ultrasonic under-display fingerprint scanner would function when you apply a screen protector. Apparently, Samsung has thought this through. They are now pre-applying a first-party screen protector on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ devices.


The official notice from Samsung was first spotted by a Reddit user who posted a thread on the Samsung subreddit. In the statement, Samsung clarifies that the devices have a factory pre-installed screen protector. The decision was made to ensure screen durability and functionality of the in-display fingerprint scanner. It’s now much more important to keep the display free from defects with the in-display fingerprint scanner. The screen protector will not be covered under warranty like the other accessories.

Samsung will also sell these protectors on their website with the price tag of $29.99. Samsung recommends partner carriers and retail stores to sell them as replacement options. It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S10e does not have a screen protector pre-installed since it doesn’t have an in-display fingerprint scanner. We’re sure Samsung will be more than willing to sell you one.

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