Samsung Galaxy S10 series gets a $150+ price drop after Galaxy S20 launch

Samsung Galaxy S10 series gets a $150+ price drop after Galaxy S20 launch

Today has been all about the new Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip. Rightly so, as these devices will kick off Samsung’s flagship push in 2020. While the bump in name from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20 seems big, they’re not monumentally different. In fact, any of the Galaxy S10 smartphones are still pretty great to buy, and now Samsung has even made them cheaper.

When Samsung announced the pricing for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra, they also announced new lower prices for the Galaxy S10 series. Apparently, Samsung will be keeping the S10 series in production for longer, making the 3 phones the lower-cost option. This is a similar move to what Apple is doing with previous generation iPhones.


Here are the new prices for the S10 series:

  • Galaxy S10e is $599 ($150 off)
  • Galaxy S10 is $699 ($200 off)
  • Galaxy S10+ is $799 ($200 off)

These are the official Samsung Store retail prices, mind you. It may be possible to still find cheaper options from third-parties, the second-hand market, or through the occasional deal. Regardless, it’s pretty cool to see Samsung stick with older models a little longer than usual, though we don’t know if this will translate into longer support. The Galaxy S10 series is still a great option for a lot of people, though, because Samsung has committed to backporting a lot of new features announced during the event today.

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