The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have triple rear cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have triple rear cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro

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It can take a long time for a smartphone OEM to complete the development process of an upcoming device. This is especially true with their flagship phones as they need to make sure that even the smallest details are worked out. This results in some reports revealing information about a device that isn’t even going to be released until the next year. That is what we’ve seen lately with the Galaxy S10. A new report from “market analysts” says Samsung will be outfitting the upcoming Galaxy S10 with three cameras, similar to what Huawei did with the P20 Pro.

Samsung has likely spent well over 12 months developing and designing their upcoming flagship smartphone for the Galaxy S series. Rumors say that Samsung may not even call the device the Galaxy S10. Instead, they could switch over to a new naming scheme as the Galaxy X (with X standing for 10). As with most plans for an unreleased smartphone though, these details could change multiple times before the phone is released, so we’ll need to wait until we hear something more official from Samsung to be sure.

This is why the Galaxy S10 could end up missing out on the in-display fingerprint sensor yet again, even though current rumors suggest it will have one (along with the Galaxy Note 9). The small camera sensors we have in our smartphones are only capable of doing so much. This level of photo quality has improved to some impressive levels these last few years, but OEMs are constantly looking for ways to outdo the competition. Since these small sensors are only capable of doing so much, OEMs have resorted to including multiple sensors. Huawei decided to put three cameras on the back of the P20 Pro and Samsung may be doing the same for the upcoming 2019 flagship smartphone.

The report also says the phone will come equipped with a 3D sensor, which, if true, will likely sit on the front of the phone and improve the accuracy of Samsung’s facial unlock feature.

Source: The Investor