The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have an under-screen front camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have an under-screen front camera

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With nearly all of this year’s flagships out-of-the-way, it’s time to start looking towards 2019. We’ve already got the in-display fingerprint sensor making its way to flagship smartphones from the likes of Vivo and OnePlus, and soon it may be possible to ditch the notch completely. There are already smartphones with pop-up cameras such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in order to avoid the notch, but Samsung may have an even better solution up their sleeve. According to a report from Bloomberg, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature an under-screen front camera. This is corroborated by the company already showing off an under-screen front-facing camera.

An under-screen front camera will remove the need for a notched display, something that many have come to dislike. While Bloomberg says that there are three Samsung Galaxy S10 models, we have uncovered evidence that there may actually be four models, with one being 5G enabled. The cheapest Galaxy S10 model is said not to feature Samsung’s edge display that their other flagships are known for. It might not even feature an in-display fingerprint sensor depending on costs. Given past rumors about the company including an in-display fingerprint sensor dating way back to the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re remaining skeptical.

We also know that Samsung is working on a bendable smartphone codenamed “Winner”, which Bloomberg reports has two prototypes currently.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a lot going for it, including the inclusion of triple cameras on the high-end model. With Google seemingly reclaiming the camera throne with the Google Pixel 3, Samsung is looking to fight back and top both Google and Huawei. Samsung is also reportedly toying with the idea of removing the headphone jack entirely. Samsung is currently one of the only major OEMs holding out on the headphone jack, with OnePlus recently dropping it as well. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to innovate in a lot of ways, however, some may not be entirely happy with the final product.

Source: Bloomberg