Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Note 10’s improved gallery, device search, and more with upcoming update

Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Note 10’s improved gallery, device search, and more with upcoming update

Smartphone manufacturers introduce new features with their leading devices and these features eventually make their way to older and relatively affordable others. Back in September, Samsung added the Galaxy Note 10’s DeX mode and camera features to the Galaxy S10. Now, they are rolling out a new update and bringing many other Galaxy Note 10‘s features to the Galaxy S10. This update includes improved contextual search in the gallery, multimedia controls, and a lot more.

First off, the update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series brings refinement to the Gallery. You can now type a keyword and related images will show up automatically. This search is presumably powered by Samsung’s own AI – Bixby.


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The update also brings improvements to the media discovery. The new “Media” option at the bottom of the quick settings panel now also shows recommendations for the music and videos. You can also control media playback on other devices like wireless speakers or Samsung TVs from this menu. Further, the “Devices” menu accessible with a button adjacent to the Media button will allow you to take control of all connected devices.

The Auto Hotspot feature allows devices with the same Samsung account as your smartphone to connect to your Galaxy S10’s Wi-Fi hotspot. Family Sharing allows members in your Samsung family group to share your internet connection without having to connect manually. Furthermore, the “Intelligent Wi-Fi Tips” feature will help users troubleshoot if they face any difficulty while signing into a Wi-Fi network.

An update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 around the last week of September had added the Note 10’s AR Doodle feature using which you can draw anything and its spatial position remains unchanged even if you move around. The update had also added other camera features such as Live Focus, Live Focus Video, Night Mode on the front camera, and lastly the Super Steady mode for videos. Additionally, the update has brought improved DeX support with new video editing features.

Samsung notes that the latest update will be available region-wise and new features may be limited to certain regions. Comment below with your region if you’re received the update and we’ll add those details to the article.

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