Samsung Galaxy S11, S11e, and S11+ Forums are now open

Samsung Galaxy S11, S11e, and S11+ Forums are now open

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The Galaxy S11 series is set to be the next big flagship release from Samsung. These phones will be officially announced in the next few months, but in the meantime, we’re already seeing leaks. So far, we’ve seen the Galaxy S11+, Galaxy S11, and Galaxy S11e in renders. We’ve also heard about some rumored features. So, while we wait for more, let’s open the forums!

Samsung Galaxy S11+ XDA Forums

Samsung Galaxy S11 XDA Forums

Samsung Galaxy S11e XDA Forums

So what do we know so far? The Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11+ both have five cameras on the back. They are oriented differently, though, and the S11+ is said to have a larger 108MP camera. The Galaxy S11e features a triple camera setup in a similar shape as the Galaxy S11. So all three models will have plenty of cameras, but the S11+ will be a step above.

Another big differentiator will be screen size. The Galaxy S11e is the smallest coming in at 6.3-inches. The Galaxy S11 is next up with a 6.7-inch display. You guessed it, the Galaxy S11+ has the biggest display at 6.9-inches. All of these will be curved Dynamic AMOLED screens and we could see 120Hz refresh rate support as well. Some of the other features that have been rumored include at least 25W charging and 8K video recording.

If you’re looking forward to these devices, be sure to hit up the forums linked above! They will surely be very popular devices for 2020.