Samsung Galaxy S11 series may have 48MP telephoto cameras

Samsung Galaxy S11 series may have 48MP telephoto cameras

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We’re starting to get a clear picture of what Samsung will be showing off with the Galaxy S11 series soon. Renders of all three devices (S11, S11+, and S11e) have leaked and some of the specifications have been revealed as well. One of the most noteworthy things about these leaks has been the camera modules. The exact camera specifications have been up in the air, but a new rumor suggests the telephoto cameras will pack a punch.

A lot of the talk around the Galaxy S11’s cameras have been about the 108MP primary camera and the odd camera arrangement on the Plus model. The 108MP camera alone would be a huge selling point, but it would dwarf the other cameras…unless one of them is 48MP. Ice Universe tweeted about the Galaxy S11 series and they said “the telephoto cameras of the S11e, S11, and S11 + are not less than 48MP.”

Samsung is currently using 12MP telephoto cameras in a few flagship phones. We’ve already heard quite a few reports of the telephoto cameras have 5X zoom, and more megapixels are always good when zooming in on photos. If true, the Galaxy S11 series would lead the industry in high-quality telephoto cameras. In terms of the other cameras, we’re hearing there will be a 16MP wide-angle camera. The Galaxy S11+ and S11 have five cameras, while the Galaxy S11e only has three.

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