Samsung will buy back your Galaxy S20 for 50% of the price any time within 24 months

Samsung will buy back your Galaxy S20 for 50% of the price any time within 24 months

It has been nearly two months since Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 series at Galaxy Unpacked. Since then, the phones have already made their way into the hands of probably millions of consumers, so most people interested in one of the three phones have either already spent time with them or have at least read up on the phones online. To entice more users into buying one of the three phones, Samsung has launched a new “guaranteed buy-back” program.

If you purchase the Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra through or the Shop Samsung app, you’ll be eligible to receive 50% of the full retail price if you decide to return your phone within 24 months. That means you can get $500 back on the regular S20 and up to $800 back on the highest-end S20 Ultra.


Galaxy S20All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to log in to the Samsung Account you used to purchase the device, initiate a return request on the “My Orders” page, and send your phone back to Samsung. Samsung will evaluate the condition of your phone, and if it passes their inspection, you will receive 50% of the full retail price back as a credit to your payment account. This process may take between 2-3 weeks, and Samsung says your device must be in “satisfactory” condition. In the FAQ for the program, Samsung defines “satisfactory” condition as the device being able to power on and stay on without powering off unexpectedly, the device having a functional display with no dead pixels, the device being free of breaks or cracks beyond normal wear and tear, the device being free of any anti-theft locking software, etc.

Samsung says that all Galaxy S20 models are eligible for the guaranteed buy-back program so long as the device was purchased through or the Shop Samsung app. Samsung also says that this offer can be combined with “everyday trade-in offers” but that this offer is not compatible with carrier financing and Samsung Upgrade. For more information, you can visit this page.

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It’s nice to see Samsung make such a generous offer to its customers. Smartphones can depreciate in value pretty heavily in the course of a year, let alone two years. This buy-back program is Samsung’s way of reassuring their customers that they haven’t wasted their money on buying a new Galaxy S20, which can cost upwards of $1,000. Samsung has reportedly sold fewer than expected Galaxy S20 units, at least in comparison to the Galaxy S10. While reviewers have praised Samsung for the beautiful and smooth visual experience of the Galaxy S20 and its 120Hz display, many have criticized the phones for a lackluster camera performance and inferior performance of the Exynos models. Reviewers have harshly criticized Samsung for these issues because of how expensive the three phones are, so this new guaranteed buy-back program may stem some of these concerns.

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