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What colors does the Galaxy S21 series come in?

What colors does the Galaxy S21 series come in?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 series is here, and there’s a total of 6 new colors that debut with one or more of the phones. It’s pretty confusing which model you can get in which color, but we’re here to break it out for you. Here are all the new Galaxy S21 colors, which phones they’re available with, and which one we think you should buy, and why!

    Phantom Violet

    For Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus

    This is the new hero color for the Galaxy S21 series and it looks fantastic! It's a gorgeous light purple (lilac) with a matte finish and a gold trip around the edge of the phone as well as the camera surround. While the Gold and Purple combination is quite unique, it might not be for everyone but we like it!
    Phantom Black

    For Galaxy S21 Plus and Ultra

    Very similar in color to the Phantom Gray of the regular Galaxy S21, the Phantom Black color option is for the Plus and Ultra variants and offers a muted color scheme for anyone who doesn't want their phone to stand out or define them. It's reserved but likely to be one of the most popular colors!
    Phantom Silver

    For Galaxy S21 Plus and Ultra

    Silver is one of my favorite colors and what makes this phone color really stand out for me is that the rear color is a darker shade of silver and the trim and camera surround provide the contrast. If you buy this color with the S21 Ultra, note that it's only available with 128GB of storage, not the higher variants!

Those are the three main colors available across more than one of the Galaxy S21 devices, but three colors are available only on the entry-level Galaxy S21. Some of these colors look fantastic, and we’d love to see them available in the more premium variants of the series! Here are the three colors only available on the Galaxy S21 series.

    Phantom Pink

    Only on the Galaxy S21

    This is a gorgeous new pink color only on the Galaxy S21 and it's unique as not many devices have a pink color option. Like the Phantom Violet, it comes with a matte finish and a gold trip around the edge of the phone and the camera surround. Pink and gold are a unique combination, but it could be polarizing!
    Phantom Gray

    Only on the Galaxy S21

    The Phantom Gray color is only on the Galaxy S21, and it's a dark shade of gray that is almost black. The dark gray color is surrounded by dark trim, and even the camera surround is almost-black. Samsung could have taken a leaf out of Google's book and called it almost black, but Phantom Gray is the official name!
    Phantom White

    Only on the Galaxy S21

    Designed for anyone who wants a simple color that isn't black, the Phantom White color is a combination of a white rear with a silver trim around the phone and the camera bump. It's reserved but looks quite striking and is perfect if that best describes your personality!

The exclusive Samsung.com colors

As we’ve come to expect from Samsung, there are also a few color options that are exclusive to the company’s online store. The regular Galaxy S21 doesn’t have any additional colorways, but both the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra come with a few additional color options that are “made-to-order” and at the time of writing, will take 4-5 weeks to ship. Considering the standard colors won’t ship for another two weeks, the additional wait time might be worth it if you want something a bit more unique!

    Phantom Titanium

    Only on Galaxy S21 Ultra

    I love the color Titanium and although we haven't seen it in person, the renders make this look fantastic. It's a mix between gray and black and is reserved while being fairly unique. There are very few titanium colored phones on the market, so if you want something reserved that also stands out, this is the one for you!
    Phantom Navy

    Only on Galaxy S21 Ultra

    In person this will probably look much more like navy, but from the renders, it almost looks metallic and a mix between black and a darker blue. We'd have definitely liked to see something with a bit more personality to it, but if you want something reserved yet quite different, this could be a great choice for you to buy!
    Phantom Brown

    Only on Galaxy S21 Ultra

    As soon as I saw this, I liked it! I love the color brown and it's definitely one of the most unique colors you'll find on a smartphone. Unlike last year's flagships, it doesn't look Bronze in color but it seems to be metallic brown with a black camera bump and is designed for someone that's quietly reserved yet wants to be different!
    Phantom Gold

    Only on Galaxy S21 Plus

    I'm sure you were wondering – what about Gold? Well, you can get the Galaxy S21 in Gold but only in the Plus version. It looks like its slightly darker than the camera surround so there's still a two-tone finish to it, but it will definitely serve those who want a gold colored phone!
    Phantom Red

    Only on Galaxy S21 Plus

    Stop and take my money. That was my initial thought when I saw red was an option – it's one of my favorite colors and it's a shame that it's only on the Galaxy S21 Plus, but if you plan to buy the middle of Samsung's three phones, this is definitely the color I'd recommend.

Which Galaxy S21 color is right for you?

Samsung’s color choices for the Galaxy S21 series are quite interesting overall. As with most launches, some colors are only available with specific devices, but it’s surprising the Phantom Violet hero color isn’t available with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. I would have really liked to see Samsung also adopt some of my favorite colors such as Blue and Red in the color options – especially as they were available for the Galaxy S20 FE last year – but there’s something for everyone here.

If you’re looking at the Galaxy S21, you have the widest range of colors available. The Phantom Violet is unique and beautiful, while the Phantom Pink is a great choice if you want some color but the purple and gold combination isn’t quite to your liking. If you want something more reserved and muted, we will pick the Phantom White, while the Phantom Gray is good for those who want a Black or Black-like darker color.

If you’re looking at the Galaxy S21 Plus, there are far fewer choices so if you want something with a pop of color, definitely look at the Phantom Violet option. Beyond that, your choices are Phantom Black if you want something darker and more reserved, while the Phantom Silver is designed for those who want to stand out a little while having a device that will work with any outfit or mood.

If you are looking at the Galaxy S21 Ultra, your choices are even more limited with either Phantom Black or Phantom Silver. If you need something with more color, we’d recommend picking up the Phantom Silver and then pairing it with a colorful Galaxy S21 case or skin that can help you stand out without needing to commit to a colorful and playful phone color.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    If you want a device that does absolutely everything and/or you're a power user, look no further than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is the phone that has it all, does it all, and will keep you going for years to come. If you need the best of the best, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the phone for you.

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