Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-order at the Samsung Store and get $50 in accessory credit

Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-order at the Samsung Store and get $50 in accessory credit

The Samsung Galaxy S21 line of smartphones will be releasing next month, and there is a lot of information flying around for Samsung’s latest flagship release. If you’re set on picking up one of the Galaxy S21 phones, then you’ll want to head over to the Samsung Store and reserve your pre-order!

Many manufacturers will set up waitlists for their smartphones so you know just when to pre-order it, but Samsung is going one step farther. If you ‘reserve’ your pre-order, you’ll get $50 in credit that you can use towards new accessories for your new phone. Whether you need a case for your new purchase (which I always recommend), a wireless charger, or anything else, $50 off is a hefty chunk of change, especially for a simple e-mail sign-up.


The ‘reserve’ wording may be a little confusing, but you don’t need to put any money down to make the reservation, nor are you even required to pre-order a Galaxy S21 when pre-orders do go live. So if you change your mind, there’s no harm done… but if you don’t reserve now, you’ll lose out on that $50 credit!

Reserving your Galaxy S21 pre-order is quick and painless. I was able to do it in about a minute while writing the article. Just head over to the page below to get started.

    Reserve your pre-order for the upcoming Galaxy S21 line of smartphones and save! A free and straightforward e-mail sign-up lets you save $50 on accessories on your new device.

After you reserve your pre-order, you’ll get a prompt. When pre-orders are live, if you complete your Galaxy S21 pre-order through the Samsung Shop app, you’ll get another $10 credit! Who can argue with even more savings?

The Galaxy S21 line is set to launch on January 14, so you can expect pre-orders to go live before that. Perhaps next week, after the holiday daze is over? Make sure to reserve that pre-order, and you’ll be one of the first to know.

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