What is Advanced Auto Framing on the Galaxy S22 series and how does it work?

What is Advanced Auto Framing on the Galaxy S22 series and how does it work?

Samsung has refreshed its yearly lineup of flagship phones with the Galaxy S22 series in 2022. The standard Galaxy S22 is for those looking for a reliable flagship phone that doesn’t break the bank, while the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra is for those who want the ultimate premium experience with absolutely no compromises. Apart from the differences in some aspects, all three phones in the Galaxy S22 series come with a bunch of camera improvements. This includes both hardware and software. One of those features is Advanced Auto Framing.

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Samsung has included a plethora of camera features on the Galaxy S22 series this time that improve the overall experience of capturing images via the phones’ cameras. Advanced Auto Framing is one such feature that makes use of computational algorithms to help you get the best shot, even if you’re an amateur photographer. Let’s learn more about it and understand how it works and what scenarios is it mainly useful in.


Advanced Auto Framing on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

For the majority of people, taking a picture on a smartphone involves pointing the phone at a subject and hitting the shutter button. While modern-day phones are intended to be used just like that, there are ways to improve your photography. This includes several rules that deal with the composition of the image. The composition of your image is mainly to do with everything that’s present in the frame.

You may have observed that your phone’s camera app has a setting to enable grid lines or diagonal lines. You may have even heard of the term “rule of thirds” being thrown around a lot by professional photographers. These are tools that help create a good composition, hence resulting in a good image being captured. However, the average joe doesn’t really know or care about these rules. The primary goal is to capture good photos and videos without bothering about framing or which grid your subject should be in. That’s exactly why Samsung has added Advanced Auto Framing.

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Advanced Auto Framing automatically detects the subject you’re shooting and determines the position of the subject. The phone is then smart enough to change your framing based on the position of the subject. In simple terms, when you’re recording a video of a human subject, the camera will zoom in or out to keep the person in the frame. This feature is similar to the Centre Stage feature Apple introduced in the iPad. While that only works on video calls, the Advanced Auto Framing feature works while recording videos via the rear cameras on the Galaxy S22 series of phones.

This feature also optimizes the focus points based on where your subject is. If you’re shooting a person who is slightly farther away from you, the camera will zoom into the person and also shift focus onto them. Up until now, we’d seen phone cameras optimize the scene based on the subject. What this meant is that colors, saturation, contrast, etc. were adjusted automatically based on the type of shot you were taking.

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With Advanced Auto Framing, Samsung is taking it to the next level by even framing your shot for you automatically based on the position of your subject. The phone will lock focus onto your subject and automatically adjust the zoom range to either get closer to the subject or move farther away from it. If you’re shooting a video of a person, the phone will punch in and lock focus on the face to create a portrait-like effect.

Samsung claims that Advanced Auto Framing can detect up to 10 subjects and optimize the focus and framing accordingly. This is a great feature for people who just point and shoot (so about most of the world, except the Pros) since the phone adjusts the framing by itself without any additional effort from the user. However, note that Advanced Auto Framing only works while recording videos and not while capturing still images.

This is one of several new camera features that Samsung has introduced with the Galaxy S22 series. Features like these may lure smartphone photographers to make the switch to the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, especially since the Galaxy S21 Ultra was one of the most versatile camera phones out there and the Galaxy S22 Ultra further strengthens the notion. If you’re planning to get any of the three phones in the series, you should take a look at the best Galaxy S22 deals to take advantage of all the best offers and discounts and save as much as possible.

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the entry flagship for 2022, bringing over top of the line performance and camera capabilities in a form that fits many pockets and budgets.
    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is the mid flagship for 2022, bringing over top of the line performance, display, and camera capabilities in a larger housing for those that need to do more.
    The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the top flagship for 2022, bringing over top of the line performance, display, and camera capabilities alongside S Pen capabilities to deliver an ultra experience for power users.

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