Samsung Galaxy S4 also Receives Android Lollipop Port

Samsung Galaxy S4 also Receives Android Lollipop Port

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Once upon a time, when the original Samsung Galaxy S was just a dream for most XDA users, the Korean OEM was considered to be quite developer friendly. Then the their proprietary Exynos processor, which then made it difficult for the custom ROM scene to keep up thanks to its sparse documentation. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S II, developers have had lots of trouble porting AOSP-based Android to Sammy devices.

A few weeks ago, we showed you Android Lollipop with Touchwiz UI running on Samsung Galaxy S 4. If you can’t wait for Samsung to officially release the latest version of Android for this device, you can try a port made by XDA Recognized Developer frapeti. It’s an unofficial port of CyanogenMod 12 for the Exynos variant of SGS 4, the  i9500.

Surprisingly, the list of working features is quite long. The only things that require more polish seem to be the camera (as always), NFC, and GSM Internet connectivity. Considering how troublesome the Exynos SoC can be, this is actually a quite nice achievement.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is still a popular and high end device. If you have it in your pocket and can’t wait to try the newest version of Android, head over too the CyanogenMod 12 Beta #4 to get the latest build.