Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta Gets the Hands-on Treatment

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Beta Gets the Hands-on Treatment

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We’re starting to see more and more smartphone OEMs follow in the footsteps of Google and start performing their own beta test for the next version update of Android that they’re working on. OnePlus just started testing Oreo for some of its phones, and Nokia also re-introduced Beta Labs Program for Oreo. Samsung also did the same last year with the Galaxy S7 and its Android 7.0 Nougat update; and they’re doing the same this time around with the Galaxy S8 and its Android 8.0 Oreo update.

It was recently reported that Samsung was going to be deploying their Galaxy S8 Oreo beta program in two different phases. The first phase is said to include the United Kingdom, North America and South Korea while the second phase is said to be for China, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and India. It was rumored that the program would be launched on October 31st, and Samsung appears to have nailed that right on the head as we’re seeing hands-on reports of the new update.

Reddit user thesbros was gracious enough to answer a number of questions about the update. In their view, the Galaxy S8 running this beta version of Samsung’s Android Oreo performs better than on Nougat. The Galaxy Note 8 performs impressively even though it’s still on Nougat, and this user says it is up to that level with Oreo on the S8. We knew Google had been working with some OEMs to get previously released devices supporting Treble, but that has not been implemented on the Galaxy S8 with this beta update right now.

We’re told that the Android Oreo Beta does not have a portrait mode, but the pop-up and split screen modes still work. It also comes with colorized media notification and app shortcuts included, and the UI is mostly untouched from Nougat. A different Reddit thread said that Substratum was still working, but the post has since been deleted so that may still be up in the air.

Source: Reddit User — thesbros