The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Now Available in Burgundy Red, Coming to Korea First

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Now Available in Burgundy Red, Coming to Korea First

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Samsung typically hasn’t been afraid of launching different color options for their devices. Unlike companies like Apple, which offer their devices in plain colors like black, white or gold, Samsung offers a wide range of color option with their flagships, a color roster which has grown and diminished throughout the years. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the company’s current flagship devices, are currently available in Midnight Black (black), Orchid Gray (purple-gray), Coral Blue (deep blue), Arctic Silver (silver) and Maple Gold (gold). Samsung has officially announced that the Galaxy S8, which is due for a refresh very soon, will be available in one more color option: Burgundy Red.

This “burgundy red” color option was rumored to be announced a few days back, and Samsung has effectively taken to their blog to announce the new color option. The new red variant features a vibrant, elegant red glass back with matching red metal edges and the typical front black bezels. Samsung has not tried out a widely-available red color option since the Galaxy S4, and they haven’t tried the color red at all since the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition. So this is actually a new, refreshing change of look for Samsung’s 2017 flagship. The bigger phone, the Galaxy S8+, doesn’t seem to be getting the new color option as it’s not mentioned throughout the announcement release.

Burgundy Red, however, will not be available globally at first. The new edition of the S8 will initially be available in Samsung’s home country, South Korea, before rolling out to select markets afterward. US availability is still unknown, and we can’t tell for sure if the device is actually coming to this side of the globe at all, but further availability details will be announced by each market’s local Samsung offices and carriers. It is indeed a good-looking option, however, and we expect this color to become more widely available when the Galaxy S9, the successor to the S8, is officially announced.

Source: Samsung