Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Leaks in Hi-Res Live Images; Official Accessories and Their Pricing Also Leak

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Leaks in Hi-Res Live Images; Official Accessories and Their Pricing Also Leak

With March 29th just around the corner, information for the soon-to-be-official Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus keeps on drip, drip, dripping. This time we get high resolution, live images of the beautiful S8 Plus as well as information on the official accessories that will be sold alongside it.

The high resolution live images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes to us courtesy of We’ll let the images do the talking first.


The website claims that the phone pictured above is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the larger of the two devices. The 6.2″ display is the main attraction on the phone, as is evident. The phone appears to have rounded corners, though that can be an effect of the curved display edges. For a 6.2″ device, the phone does not appear as large as comparable devices thanks to the minimal bezels on the device.

Furthermore, Latin American countries will reportedly get the Exynos version of the device with 4GBs of RAM and 64GBs of internal storage. The launch price of the device in Mexico is presumably 17,699 Mexican Pesos (~USD 943) for the Galaxy S8 and 18,999 Mexican Pesos (~USD 1013) for the Galaxy S8 Plus. The pricing leaves little doubt on Samsung’s decision to market these devices as premium end flagships.

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Information on the official accessories come to us courtesy of Roland Quandt over at There are a few interesting accessories that will be made available for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, including the DeX docking station and two-piece cases.

The Samsung Galaxy DeX Station will aid in utilizing your smartphone to power a desktop experience. The DeX station will reportedly allow the Samsung Galaxy S8 to output the desktop interface in up to 4K resolution via its USB Type C port. Curiously, the DeX Station will also have a wireless charging surface, along with ports like two USB 2.0 port and an Ethernet port for allowing a better desktop experience. This device will reportedly cost €149.99. We’re seen this device leak previously from the same outlet, in case you don’t remember, but now that outlet has details to share on other accessories.

The Galaxy S8 will also offer consumers a wide variety of official cases to choose from as an after-purchase.


The keyboard cover accessory is a carry-over from previous generation flagships. Albeit unique to Samsung and its flagships, it is not entirely new for the lineup. The Alcantara covers are made from a microfibre cloth which resembles suede, in case (heh) you wanted to add a more premium feel to your device.

The standard silicone covers and clear covers will also be available for the device. Very interestingly, Samsung is also preparing to sell a 2-piece cover which consists of two separate parts. The covers will leave the middle of the device unprotected and will stick to the top and bottom edges of the device using magnets. It is unknown if the color combination would be left to the user, or if they would be within the same color or predefined color combinations.

Samsung is going “all guns out” for its next flagship and prepares the company for a strong comeback after the Note 7. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be among the top contenders for the best smartphones in 2017.

The color variants known so far for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are Black (Black Sky), Grey (Orchid Grey), Silver (Arctic Silver), Gold and Blue. Color availability will likely vary with region. International variant of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will not have the “Galaxy” branding on the back, while the US variant will.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be made official on March 29th at a Galaxy Unpacked event.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus? Do you look forward to the devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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