Samsung Galaxy S9 Design Shown off in Case Renders

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design Shown off in Case Renders

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There aren’t any more big smartphones launching this year, and each time a new year begins we start to see a lot of rumors and reports about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone. Reports claim that Samsung will be unveiling the device to the world on the 27th of February. With only two months away from it being launched, the company has finalized the design and are likely working closely with accessory makers in preparation. Case manufacturer Ghostek has begun developing their case of the Galaxy S9, and in doing so they have also created a render of the device as well.

We’re used to seeing these renders based on CAD specs from various case manufacturers. This is common among the top smartphone OEMs, as it can take time to develop accessories and knowing the phone’s dimensions or general appearance can enable them to begin their work. Now, we did recently talk about Samsung’s Soundcamp application showing off the design of what could be the Galaxy S9. This was a crude illustration though, and it didn’t give us an accurate look at the device.

Still, it gave us a good idea as to what to expect and the new renders released by Ghostek seem to corroborate with what we saw before. Anyone looking for drastic changes from last year’s Galaxy S8 will be disappointed, as the Galaxy S9 carries over most of the design cues from its predecessor. These renders do indicate that Samsung was able to shrink the top and bottom bezel a bit more than last year though, so that is something that we can look forward to.

The rear fingerprint sensor has shifted from to the right of the camera module to right underneath it. This likely won’t be enough to quell all of the criticism aimed at its location, but it will definitely go a long way to resolving the issue for a lot of people. We can see Samsung is sticking with the dedicated Bixby button, and it will continue to have a 3.5mm headphone port as well.

Source: Forbes